Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How Chosen is TOO Chosen?

I was looking at something on Facebook, and it was some feminist topic, and the comments ranged from reasonable to troll, and then there was a negative sort of comment from some guy who had a very Jewish sounding surname, Rosenberg or something like that. It was a rather dicky response, among many; but the first thing I thought was - uh-oh; I wonder how long it will be before one of the sisterhood picks up on that.
Well, it won't surprise you to hear that it didn't take long. Not more than a few heartbeats, actually. And then it was, surely YOU would know of oppression and victimisation; and how could you possibly take that stance, after all YOUR PEOPLE had to deal with discrimination  yada yada; and my personal fave (NOT), haven't you learned the lessons of the Holocaust and where bigotry leads etc etc.
(I just Love that 'lessons of the Holocaust' thing that Jews haven't learned. Oh, I've learned these lessons well. It goes like this:
1) We Jews can't rely on anyone but ourselves, and
2) Without Israel, we are screwed.
You idiot, YOU'RE the one who is supposed to learn the 'lessons of the Holocaust'. And that is, don't be a fkn BIGOT, and don't be an ANTI-SEMITE.
But I digress.)
And a few people were debating on whether this was actually a Jewish name or perhaps a German name? So was the writer among the discriminated against, or among the oppressors? My impression was just that the guy was just a douche, and if his name was John Smith, it would have ended there. And don't forget, this was not exactly Storm Front I was looking at, it was a feminist site, love, tolerance, acceptance, kumbaya.
So my question is this: When will you all just get over the Jews?

I have a fantasy of a Q& A session with a bunch of people in the room, where I ask everyone, how many Jews do you think there are in the world today?
I have asked this question even of Jews, and it's amazing how few people actually can answer.
So let's be a bit roundabout; what is the population of the world? Oh, easy one, about 7 billion.
How many CATHOLICS are there in the world today? Not, Christians, but Catholics.
About 1.4 billion. (There are about 2.3 billion Christians, in case you were wondering.)
How many Muslims in the world? About 1.8 billion. The most rapidly growing of the major religions.
OK, let's go geographical: What's the population of China? about 1.4 billion. And India? A bit less, say1.3 billion. The US? About 330 million, less.
And what's the population of Australia? About 24 million. And in Australia, how many Jews are there? Ooh, bit of head scratching in my Q&A here. Two million? A million? NO. About 100,000.

So how many Jews are there in the world? Wildly varying answers. 100 million? 50 million? NO.

Let's go historical: How many Jews perished in the Holocaust? Most people know about the 6 million. Fewer know that 1.5 million were children.

So how many Jews were there in the world BEFORE 1936? I'll tell you: about 15 million. About 9.5 million in Europe. This means that over ONE THIRD of the Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. You know the word 'decimated' that is thrown around when people describe massacres and devastation? That means that one in TEN people die; it was a punishment meted out by the Romans against rebels or whatever. The Jews were triated. One in 3 Jews of the world population of Jewry, were killed. One in THREE. If you look at just European Jewry, TWO out of three Jews were killed. This is why, by the way, we can't 'get over the Holocaust'. You know that argument, I suppose? Move on! War is hell! Millions more died in World War 2, especially Russians, about 20 million directly due to Stalin's policies. Let bygones be bygones! Stop playing the victim card! And other BS. Not even going near the deniers, by the way, this is just general comment.

Anyway, we come back to our original question: How many Jews are there in the world today?
And the answer is (drum roll) around 14.5 million.

We have not yet reached the pre-Holocaust population.

I think the only religious groups with fewer adherents are Baha'i and Zoroastrians, and if you add up all the pagans and spiritists, there are far more than there are Jews. Hell, in Australia there are as many Jehovah's Witnesses as Jews, and nearly as many Mormons. Do people go on about these religious minorities?

Jews comprise 0.2% of the world population of 7 billion. You can't even see us on a pie chart of the world.

I know we punch above our weight in Nobel Prizes and stuff, but still. And don't get me started on Israel, (7.8 million, 6.5 million Jews) surrounded by 340 million Arabs, 92 million in Egypt alone, and yet - big bad old Israel, what a threat to the world. When it's not making breakthroughs in medicine and science and tech, that is.

So tell me, why can't the world just GET OVER THE JEWS?

It's like the old joke where the Jew asks G-d, 'Is it true that we are the Chosen People?'
And G-d says, 'Yes, you are my chosen people.'
'Well, would you mind choosing somebody else for a change?'